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** PLEASE NOTE OVERSEAS COMPETITORS ** - it is taking 4 months to receive a Visitors Firearms Permit in New Zealand - we recommend you apply early.

Use this page to register for the National Championships. If the contact details shown are not correct, please use the Manage Personal Details page to update your contact info.

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Fundraiser BBQ Dinner in the Village, Friday 12th January
– cost $20 per person

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Entry qualification notes:

† Tyro Entry

A Tyro is a competitor in their first season shooting in any events under NRANZ rules. A person having a TSNZ grading of M, A or B shall not be eligible to enter Tyro.

A Tyro shooter may receive wind coaching, but should they choose to do so, they are only eligible for Tyro trophies.

* Under 25 Champs

TR shooters Under 25 yrs as at 05/01/2024

Terms and Conditions of entry in the Ballinger Belt Full-Bore National Championships:

  • Competitors must be affiliated to the National Rifle Association of New Zealand (NRANZ). This also applies to overseas competitors, unless a reciprocal agreement exists between the NRANZ and the NRA of the overseas competitor that states otherwise.
  • Competitors must abide by all the Rules of the NRANZ, copies of which can be obtained from the meeting office.
  • Competitors must be licensed for the firearms they will be using in the Ballinger Belt National Championship. If any competitor is not licensed, they will have to shoot under close supervision of a person who holds a valid New Zealand firearms licence. It is the responsibility of the unlicensed competitor to obtain the services of a suitable licensed supervisor for the duration of the competition.
  • All competitors must ensure that the firearms they will using in the Ballinger Belt National Championship are functionally safe.
  • All competitors must carry their firearms licence at all times while in control of a firearm during the Ballinger Belt National Championships.
  • The Ballinger Belt cannot be removed from the custody of the National Rifle Association of New Zealand. Special permission to deviate from this rule can be granted on a case by case basis by the Executive Secretariat if the Belt is needed for promotional activities etc.
  • Trophy winners must apply in writing to the meeting office for permission to take trophies away from NRANZ custody. Forms for this purpose will be available at the meeting office at the end of the prize giving.
  • If trophies have been removed from the custody of the NRANZ without first obtaining permission as outlined in the paragraph above, these conditions of entry will still apply and be enforced in full.
  • Trophy winners must arrange for proper storage and care up to a reasonable standard of any trophies they win and have taken away from NRANZ headquarters into their custody.
  • Trophy winners must arrange for insurance to cover the loss of or damage to the trophies they win and have in their custody.
  • Trophy winners will be responsible for any damage to the trophies in their custody. Any damage will be repaired at the NRANZ's discretion, and to the NRANZ's standard and any repair costs will have to be paid for by the custodian of the damaged trophy.
  • Trophies cannot be taken out of New Zealand.


Payment by Internet Banking to 02-0772-0074632-00 (Name & NRA number for reference please)

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