Remit Process / Rule Changes

Changes to Shooting Rules

Changes and amendment of Shooting Rules and to any procedure that might be considered contentious are addressed via the rule remit process.  Changes to shooting rules, unless urgent and or a matter of safety, are considered annually at the mid-winter council meeting.

Proposed changes to shooting rules are sponsored by a member club in the form of a submission outlining the proposed changes.  This submission is referred to as a Remit.   The Remit is to list the reasons why changes to shooting rules are being proposed and is to include any supporting data and or evidence.   Remits are also to list the improvements that would be achieved with the adoption of a proposed change.

Remits are to be submitted to the NRA Office annually no later than 30 April.  All remits are then circulated to member clubs for their information so that each member club may formally discuss and form an opinion on the proposed changes.  It is the responsibility of member clubs, prior to the mid-winter council meeting, to liaise with their Regional Councillor and or Postal Vote Councillors to convey the opinion that the member club has formed as to whether such changes should be adopted or discarded.



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