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Mark Miller's Guide to Target Rifle Shooting

Graphic Wind Gauge Mk 2 Ross Mason

Understanding the wind is one of hardest skills to acquire when learning to shoot bigbore. When I started it is fair to say I had little idea of how to figure minutes to the flags. I have shot 50m for years but the techniques are different. That is, aim off or set the sights for a wind and wait. The brutal dynamic nature of Trentham and other NZ ranges means that a shooter has to make educated guesses, be very brave and switch the sights as the need arises. Time on the range is vital but I am all for finding any trick to ease the progress.

I was introduced to the old Parker Hale wind calculator from day one but always found it cumbersome, it just had numbers and was not that intuitive. I have seen attempts at graphing windage on some plotting sheets but invariably they only include one quarter of the circle. I was a visual thinker and needed a better picture and I thought that a two dimensional picture might be more useful.

I am in the process of writing a downloadable program that will enable anyone to produce a wind calculator for any range and any bullet deflection. It will be available on a website shortly. It will be able to input any deflection at any range and will print out similar diagrams. I am aware of ballistic programs giving deflections as well but there is nothing like inputting real numbers into a program that matches the real world. They can even be YOUR numbers so you can't blame anyone else!

Knowing how much (or little) shooters will part for such things, it will be pseudo shareware. The full programme will be available shortly but I would like to see some payment for the use of it. I will make a commitment that 50% of the income will go to assist the NZ Under 25 Rifle team. So please, feel free to use the Mark One version for a donation of $20 (email me and I can tell you where to send it). But when the download arrives it would be good to at least get some contribution for the effort. The download will be a $40 contribution.

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